About Us


We provide one-way drives to medical appointments, grocery store, personal needs, other individual appointments for seniors and disable individuals. Our Service Sites: Congregational Tower, Harvest Ridge Senior Apartments and Town Centre Senior Apartments ; Weekly Shuttle Drives for grocery shopping to Wal-Mart, Seafood City, Albertsons and Sprouts. Recently, two FACT wheelchair capable vans added to the fleet along with a passenger car.

Our Milestones

Renewing Life is affiliated with the San Diego County Volunteer Driver Coalition. The coalition is a county-wide network of free and low-cost transportation services available to seniors. Our programs offer safe, reliable transportation provided by trained volunteers who care about seniors. Once a year we have a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon to show our gratitude for the selfless work they do.


Tony San Nicolas

“I worked for the County of San Diego for a period of time and found all the areas in our South Bay community, one being the needs of seniors. I chose transportation for seniors that offers shopping, doctor appointment trips, social and personal trips and others. I feel good when we are able to get them out of their household and relieve the isolation they experience.”

Mario Rodriguez

“I like driving because that's what I did for the last 30 years. It gives me joy to see how some people appreciate my help.”

Armando Rodriguez

“At 75 I was itching for something to do, then I had an opportunity to do what I have done before, that's drive a bus. Since I live in a low-income living facility, I know the transportation needs of the residents. I enjoy driving the residents to shopping trips and to their doctor appointments.”

Our Partners