Welcome to Renewing Life Senior Transportation!

Renewing Life, a charitable non-profit tax-exempted organization provides high quality transportation services to seniors, individuals with disabilities and domestic violence shelter clients in the South Bay

(South San Diego County, San Diego CA).

Our service sites are the residents at Community Congregational Tower, Harvest Ridge , Town Centre Manor  and South Bay Community Services’ domestic violence shelter program. Renewing Life offers demand response and fixed route drives to residents at our service sites.

It is our goal to expand our services in order to serve seniors outside of these facilities.

Our goal is to improve quality of life and wellness among seniors through transportation to medical and therapy appointments, shopping trips and social and recreational activities. Our objectives are to reduce isolation, enhance communication and increase independence for seniors.

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We are supported by generous individuals like yourselves who support our transportation program. We also receive funding from community organizations like the Community Congregational Development Corporation, FACT, and federal transportation funds granted by SANDAG (grant funding 2013,2014,2017 and 2018).

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Renewing Life is a proud supporter of civic engagement and resident participation in the electoral process. If you have not Registered to Vote or need to change any voting information see below:

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